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aimee Parrott

(British, b. 1987)

Since graduating from the Royal Academy Schools in 2014, Aimée’s work has received significant attention. She has received several awards and residencies and her work has been exhibited widely.

Aimée’s inimitable combination of processes creates a sense of an off kilter rhythm that makes her work instantly recognisable.

Ideas and process are intertwined. Aimée stains calico (a plain woven soft cotton fabric) with fabric dye and coloured ink and drips wax onto the surface. She combines painting, printmaking and craft techniques such as batik to create a new way of mark making.

There is always an undercurrent of movement and something bodily in her work and she views the surface of her paintings as a sort of metaphorical skin.

”A work is given energy when it retains physical traces of trains of thought.”

Aimée’s complex process of building upon and sometimes underneath the surface results in works that unfold gradually, their density commanding “a slow long look”.


Screening, 2015

fabric dye, batik wax on calico, paper, ink, oak frame

52 x 42 cm.

[Ref. AP1]


Failed Veil, 2015

monotype, fabric dye, on calico with hardwood

52 x 42 cm.


[Ref. AP2]

Installation view, Art Rooms | Inaugural Edition, April 2016

Installation view, Art Rooms | Inaugural Edition, April 2016