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Alice Kemp

(British, b. 1987)

Alice’s paintings seek to challenge our notions and preconceptions about themes that are considered decorative.

She finds inspiration in nature, painting traditionally decorative subjects like plants, flowers, animals and landscapes but she chooses to accentuate both their beauty and inherent asymmetry. She is particularly interested in what she describes as natural ”crookedness or bulginess”.

Influenced somewhat by the Japanese approach to art where the distance between art, decoration and nature is shorter, she approaches her subjects with a conscious mix of expression and restraint, minimalism and visual overload.

Recently Alice collaborated with her mother and grandmother, both painters, to create a new series of works, two of which are presented here. Appropriating their paintings, she lovingly reworked them in her signature crooked style.

Alice is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and University College, Falmouth.







Landscape Collaboration with my Grandmother, Ann Jasper, 2016

oil on canvas

40 x 30 cm.

[Ref. AK2]

Blue Blobs, 2017

oil on canvas

42 x 29.5 cm.


[Ref. AK1]

Installation view, Art Rooms | Frieze Edition, October 2016

Installation view, Art Rooms | Frieze Edition, October 2016


Landscape Collaboration with my Mum, Miranda Mayne, 2016

oil on canvas

10 x 10 cm.


[Ref. AK3]