ione & mann




(British, b. 1982)

Anna’s work is a quiet journey of introspection investigating manifestations of spirituality within images, objects, materials and architectural spaces.

Her recent work reflects a fascination with the emergence of pattern and codes, and the desire for the everyday potential for transformation.

Initially stitching grids onto materials such as linen and foam,  she discovered patterns which she then transformed materially through a casting process. Mixing pigments with jesmonite, a thin, lightweight, plaster-like material, she created objects that blur the line between painting and sculpture.


Algorithms, 2016

jesmonite and pigments

40 x 30 cm.

[Ref. AH1]


Moondial (third quarter), 2017

jesmonite and pigments

55 x 43 cm.

[Ref. AH2]

Sundial (first blush), 2017

jesmonite and pigments

65 x 42 cm.

[Ref. AH3]

Studio view showing mould for Moondial and Sundial (2017)

Studio view showing mould for Moondial and Sundial (2017)

The works draw upon themes of temporality, the disruption of the stable co-ordinates of time and space, and the inherent need for order and spirituality sought behind or through the appearance of nature.

Anna’s works are subtle and minimal yet their texture, natural hues and deliberate imperfections make them deeply personal with a powerful grounding, almost talismanic quality.

Anna’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been placed in several private and corporate collections including Soho House in Barcelona.

Anna is a graduate of the Royal Academy Schools and Goldsmiths College, London.