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Anna Klimentchenko

(Russian, b. 1978)

Anna’s paintings are her way of processing thought, feeling and memory.

She is working predominantly in larger formats as it is important to her that the work has an immersive quality.

Her work ranges from entirely non objective to a combination of abstract and figurative elements that usually come from images from her childhood. But it is less about a single memory and more about what it feels like to remember.

Anna experiments with new ways of applying different media to fabric or canvas. She works with the weave of unprimed cotton fabric and has developed a printing method akin to monotype that she combines with water colours, inks and acrylics to create subtle shifts of hues.


Nice Memories 3, 2016

mixed media on fabric

150 x 118.9 cm.


[Ref. AKL1]

Your Pain, 2015

mixed media on canvas 

295 x 182 cm.


[Ref. AKL2]

In her non objective works like Nice Memories 3, form is entirely substituted by interwoven layers of ethereal colour. Images appear and disappear in relation to the viewer’s movement and the changing daily lighting conditions. The painting seems to reveal itself when viewed over a period of time as the subtlety of the layered surface slowly emerges.

Anna is a graduate of The Slade School of Fine Art and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


“I want my paintings to have a somewhat euphoric or meditative quality.”

- A. Klimentchenko