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Jonathan Kelly

(British, b. 1988)

Jonathan’s works centre around mysticism and reverence but with a punchy, playful and optimistic approach.

He plays with paired down recognisable elemental motifs and figures referencing our very early ancestors and the fundamentals of humankind, our quest for love, happiness,  ease and protection.

The motifs are presented in a confident linear style but underneath there are many subtleties of paint and application. Jonathan feels that this duality reflects the complexity of modern thought and society.

Alongside his recent paintings we are excited to present Jonathan’s first screen print “Easy Pray”. One of his favourite motifs, a figure in a praying meditative position known as “easy pose” sits calmly in front of colourful swirls of paint applied with his fingers.

Jonathan will be graduating from the Royal Academy Schools this June.

Hand on Heart (Turquoise), 2017

acrylic on canvas

77 x 66 cm.


[Ref. JK1]


Hand on Heart (Silver Pink), 2017

acrylic on canvas

77 x 66 cm.


[Ref. JK2]


Easy Pray, 2017


60 x 48 cm., ed. of 20


[Ref. JK3]

View of the studio with  Hand on Heart (Turquoise)  and  (Silver Pink)  in the foreground   

View of the studio with Hand on Heart (Turquoise) and (Silver Pink) in the foreground